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A book has been written that will help our young Black boys deal with the problems and challenges of everyday life and give them skills to make better choices as they grow up.

Grown folks, if you know a young Black boy between the ages of 9 and 17 who is in need of a little extra support dealing with problems at home, in school, or within his community, you must buy this book.

If you are a young Black boy, click the “Boys” button below to learn more about the book. Sure, you might not want to buy a book but if you think there might be something in it that might help you out in life, ask someone to buy it for you. Last but not least, understand that playing video games everyday prepares you to win video games, but reading and completing the activities in 12 Things prepares you to win in the game of life. The choice is yours. 

Get your game tight!

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