12 Things

Has anyone ever called you irresponsible, hardheaded, or disrespectful?
Do you ever feel left out, misunderstood, or misled?
How is the relationship with your mother?  Good or bad?
What about the relationship or the way you feel about your father?
If you are like most boys, you have a lot on your mind.
You feel good about some things
and some things might make you feel sad or upset.
And like many boys, by not knowing the best way to deal with your feelings and emotions you might act out in the wrong way and end up getting in trouble.


12 Things Every Black Boy Needs to Know is a book that was written especially for Black boys ages
9-17.  We wrote the book because there are not many books on the shelf that are designed to help Black boys grow and develop into strong and responsible Black men.  We wrote 12 Things because there are some things we want to share with you that we feel will help you deal with some of the problems you might be having.  A lot of young Black men we know told us they wished they had listened to us when they were younger.  Sadly, they chose to do things their way and many of them are now in prison, dead, or facing other consequences for being hard-headed and not listening to our advice when they were younger and making certain choices.

12 Things was written for Black boys like you because there are not a lot of people who take the time to try and understand you.  Sometimes your parents don’t understand.  Sometimes your teachers don’t take the time to listen to you or hear your side of the story. And sometimes people in the community might think you are a troublemaker because of the way you dress or because of who you hang with.  12 Things will help teach you ways to communicate better with your parents, teachers, and other adults so that you will build positive relationships and have people in your corner to support and care for you.

You Can’t Stay a Boy Forever! 12 Things provides the extra support and direction you need to stay on the right path, cope with problems, make good decisions, and understand what it takes to become a man.  If you read 12 Things you will learn ways to cope with many of the problems and obstacles in your life.  Once you learn how to cope with them, you can start to control the way you act in certain situations. Finally, after you have learned to cope with and control your problems, you can conquer and overcome them.

A real man knows how to control his actions and desires.  He does this by thinking with the head on his shoulders.  More importantly, he seeks knowledge and understanding so he can make wise and healthy decisions.  We hope you decide to buy 12 Things or that you ask someone to buy it for you. 
Remember this, a chef has a cookbook that shows him how to cook.  A mechanic has a repair manual that shows him how to fix cars.  A professional football player has a playbook that explains the offense and defense of his team. And you have a choice to buy 12 Things that will show you how to become a man.

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12 Things
12 Things Every Black Boy Needs to Know
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